Battle Bears Gold

So, it’s been several months since the release of Battle Bears Royale, and it seems that it’s a sufficient amount of time to release the same bloody game for the second time, only with proper graphics this time. I don’t really see it as a healthy decision, as Battle Bears Gold doesn’t differ from its predecessor in the slightest, save for a new hero, new items, improved graphics, and everything else that could very well get included in an update. But, naturally, people need to make money, so it’s only logical that people, who’ve invested their hard earned money into a multiplayer game, will have to do the same thing again, because screw you, that’s because. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Battle Bears Gold is a bad game, although I don’t necessarily think of it as a good one, as well. It’s just the same one, but with slight graphical overhaul.

Gameplay of Battle Bears Gold is expectedly the same that it was in Battle Bears Royale – and I mean that it’s even got the same aiming issues as that one. Although here, you have an option to change sensitivity, the game’s core is the same, and certain classes are a lot easier to play for this reason. Naturally, I didn’t play nearly enough to tell anything about the game balance, but, although I do like the fact that Battle Bears Gold tries to have as varied classes as possible, some of them just don’t work as well as others. In any case, the controls are the same as those in other multiplayer third-person shooters on mobiles. Run around using a virtual stick, aim and look around, using the right side of the screen, and a couple of other buttons you’re never going to press anyway, like secondary abilities or whatnot. There are two game modes, as of now: Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag. In the first, you just kill everyone from the other team for several minutes, and in another, you need to bring a flag from the enemy base to yours, and don’t let them do the same. There are six different classes available, and four of them can be instantly unlocked, at the moment of writing, so I think that there’s enough variety, if you like the concept, not speaking about the different unlockable weapons, skins and abilities.

Of course, my main problem with Battle Bears Gold is that it doesn’t have any significant difference to the original game, and isn’t even particularly better. It’s quite a great experience, sure, but I was feeling quite bored, because I’ve already played this before.

Edit: Thanks to our commentators, we now know that all the accounts of Battle Bears Royale carry over to Battle Bears Gold, including all the purchased weapons! So, in fact, people who’ve invested their hard-earned money into a multiplayer game, won’t have to do the same thing again, so screw me!

Genre: Third-Person Shooter

Developer: SkyVu Entertainment

Publisher: SkyVu Entertainment

Price: free-to-play

Reviewed on: Android

Available on: iOS, Android

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