Bloom Box

I think that florists are people, who are the closest to hardcore gamers, what’s with all the time they invest into something, ultimately superficial and fleeting, farming (literally) for the best and prettiest stuff, only to see it fall apart after a year. The amounts of patience, dedicated to reaching a very fleeting moment of beauty and success, before having to start everything over again, are something that’s always out of my reach, and for this, they have my respect, and undying confusion. Speaking of florists, we have a game just about that, called Bloom Box.

In Bloom Box, an unusual puzzle about floriculture, you need to grow flowers of various colouring, using a very interesting, but somewhat impractical way of planting the seeds. The gameplay is somewhat difficult to describe, so pardon me, if it’s not quite clear. Every level has a tiled field, as well as several boxes of different colour on it. Some of these boxes are fixed in place, while others can be moved around and placed on almost any tile. There is a “start” button at the bottom of the screen, and when you press it, a starting box will release several seeds in a specific pattern around it. If a seed falls onto another box, it will activate, releasing the seeds itself. Your mission is to make sure that all of the boxes are activated at the end. Effectively, your job is setting an intricate chain reaction, and it’s quite a challenging thing to do, because the boxes place seeds in different patterns: blue boxes release them in a simple cross pattern, to the four sides of them; red ones release the seeds in the tiles, touching their corners, and there are many others to further complicate things. The real challenge is not to activate them all, though, but to pick up three stars, lying in different tiles in each level, by throwing a seed at them, forcing you to really think through the positioning of the boxes, and although it’s quite simple at the start, it won’t take long, before you’ll be forced to sit for several minutes, just thinking about different possible ways of putting the damned boxes together.

Bloom Box is quite an unusual, and challenging game, even though it looks generic and simple. It’s not impassably difficult, of course, but if you’re anything like me, and can’t go to the next level, before three-starring the previous one, you’re in for some frustrating times. Of course, I don’t mean it as an issue, as it’s a puzzle game, after all. Still, don’t expect an easy time with it. On a side note, Bloom Box has some pretty graphics. It’s a simple 2D, without anything particularly impressive, but it’s a bright, colourful and vibrant game, and it doesn’t distract you from the challenges you face.

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Nexx Studio

Publisher: Nexx Crunch

Price: $0.99

Reviewed on: iOS

Available on: iOS

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